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Style Systems

This blog is all about education and action for your benefit.  How is it going so far? I hope you have considered some of the things I’ve stated. Today we are going to discuss style systems.

What are they? Style systems are a few simple methods to efficient dressing. Let’s be honest. We are constantly on the go in our culture and if we’re not moving physically, we’re multi-tasking with our iPhones, Samsung Galaxies, iPads, Tablets, and BlackBerrys.

We all desire to become more efficient. What about being efficient with our wardrobe as men?  Creating simple style systems for our wardrobe will actually help take our personal styles to a new level of dapper.

I am sure you’re asking why we need to create style systems. I’m glad you asked. Here are a few reasons why. First, we need more simplicity in our lives.  We constantly juggle, work, family, personal issues, and the demands of everyone else around us.  We even try to become masters of multi-tasking.  We need to simplify. Simplifying our wardrobe actually reduces stress that we don’t need as men. Remember, picking out our wardrobe isn’t a job. It’s a fun lifestyle.

Style Gentleman

Second, our time is expensive. That’s right. We need to value and save our time. We can never gain it back once it’s spent. Creating style systems will help you to save more time in your day and not lose it. Think about how much time you spend or don’t spend picking out your wardrobe. I guarantee it shows one way or another. Let’s find some balance so you can look good.

Next, it causes us to consider how others view us. When we’re in habit of quickly grabbing a wrinkled button up shirt, a pair of khakis you wore four times without washing, and a pair of scuffed shoes combined with running out the door, says a lot to those we meet.  Unfortunately people judge us by the way we look guys. This is why it’s important to remember our “Why.”

Finally, it creates opportunities to examine our clothing. Think of your wardrobe like a car.  You want to make sure that it’s always tuned up and working well. In the same manner we value what we wear. Creating style systems enables us to check our clothing over on a regular basis for things like unwanted holes, rips, loose buttons, scuffs, loose stitching, ring around the collar and more.  Here are a few suggestions for style systems. Please use these and create more.

First, pick a night to iron your shirts once a week. Ironing a shirt takes time and it’s hard to do when you’re in a time crunch. Imagine going into your closet and being able to choose any shirt because it’s already ironed. Men learn to iron your shirts. I personally have one night a week designated to ironing all of my shirts that are wrinkled. It pays off and saves me time.

Second, set aside once a month to take your trousers and suits to the dry cleaners.  Don’t waste your time trying to iron your trousers unless you’re a professional.  Find a good dry cleaner in your area and have your trousers “pressed.” Quick tip here, it’s good to get them pressed, but getting them cleaned often can actually hurt your trousers. The chemicals they use will eat away your clothing. Be wise in how often you go.

Third, have your shoes shined. Learn to shine your shoes. You may have a fresh and dapper look with your hair, shirt, trousers, and socks, but if you your dress shoes are dull and scuffed, that’s all people will see. Trust me. They will be a distraction and take people’s eyes away from your face.

Next, I talked about this in previous articles, but pick out your outfit the night before and lay it out. It saves you time and causes you to put some thought into what you’re wearing and people will see that. Have fun with it.

Finally, consider your day and where you will be going. This should determine what you would wear for the day. If you’re going to be in the office all-day and meeting with people, then a sports jacket with a pocket square is a good choice. If you’re going to be out of the office and hanging in the local park, leave the jacket at home. Remember, dress for comfort.  If you have any questions please leave a reply.

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