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What’s In Your Closet

So you’ve made the decision to take your wardrobe to a new level of dapper.  If you haven’t figured out your “why” then I suggest you read the previous post.  It will help you set the right goals and bring some clarity to what you’re doing when it comes to clothing.

The next step is finding out what is really stored in your closet.  That’s right, the section in your house where the door remains closed most of the time, because of what takes up residence in there. There is good news. In this article I am going to present you with some practical actions steps.  If you follow through on these action steps, I guarantee that you will enjoy spending more time in your closet.

Now before we jump into your closet, take a look around, and unpack everything, I want you to think about what Robert from Restart Your Style says: “The point of dressing well, after all, is to make you look sharper. Not your outfit.”  Remember, taking your wardrobe and personal style to a new level of dapper is all about having fun. This isn’t a job and it’s not about your outfit…it’s about you. Let’s get started.

You have to know what is in your closest when it comes to building your wardrobe and personal style.  Many times I am approached by other people and they not only compliment me on my style, but they ask me if what I am wearing is new. The truth is, no I’m not wearing anything new, I just know what’s in my closet and how to wear it.

The first step is to know what articles of clothing you have available. Take a quick inventory of how many button-up shirts you have, Polo’s, trousers, jeans, and sweaters. Know what you have and learn to wear it. Be adventurous and mix and match your clothing. Feel free to experiment. It’s ok to fail, because this isn’t a test. You know more than you think.

The second step is to “purge” your closet.  That’s right, I said the word “purge.” Gentlemen we should never be wearing shirts, socks, trousers, jeans, shorts, or shoes with holes in them.  If the hole cannot be fixed, then it needs to take a trip to the garbage can. There is nothing dapper about clothing with holes.  You will also need to get rid of or donate any clothing that you haven’t worn in the past two years.

O.K. let’s stop so you can take a few deep breathes.  For some of you this is a huge step. I know you’re thinking right now that you’ll lose half of your wardrobe if you do such a preposterous thing. That’s the whole point.  Throwing away what you don’t ever wear will motivate you to move into the next step of building your wardrobe and style.

The third step after “purging” your closet is to organize it. You need to know where everything is so you access it easily. You don’t need a professional closet system to start doing this. Remember to use what you have (Selves, hangers, a dresser, etc). When you are building your outfit, you should be able to walk into or look in your closet and find what you need without stressing out. Take action men.

Finally, take some time to pick your outfit out the night before. Why? Because you care about the way you look. When you rush in the morning and pick something out to wear and you’ve put very little thought or effort into it, other people will see that. Trust me. Designate a location in your closet or a chair in your room that you can lay or hang your outfit on for the next day. This helps to keep every your cloths crisp, sharp and orderly for when getting dressed.

What will you do now? Take and apply some of these steps, if not all of them, and you will be on your way to taking your personal style to a new level of dapper.  When in doubt or have fear…just ask.

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