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Why Dress Better?

The reason you’re here reading this article is because you either want to dress better or you have an interest in men’s style. Since this website focuses a little more towards those who are professional pastors, priests or ministers, we can assume it’s more about dressing well than an interest in style.

When it comes to doing accomplishing a specific task or hobby there is always a reason or motivation behind what we do.  When it comes to improving your style as a man the first place to start is by asking yourself the following: Why do I want to improve my wardrobe or style?  Somewhere in the midst of your thoughts there is a “why.”

Here are my reasons as to “why” I always want to improve my wardrobe as a man:

  1. I feel more confident.
  2. To impress the love of my life.
  3. I want to look good because I represent my family.
  4. I am respected more as an individual.
  5. In my profession I deal with people all day and week.
  6. I represent the church I attend and work at.

So what about you?  I encourage you to take a moment and make a list of why you want to look more dapper as a gentleman. Your “why” is what motivates you and is what will keep pushing you to make the right choices to build your personal style and wardrobe without breaking the bank. We will address this later in other articles.

Don’t get lost in all the “hype” of trends, sales, and what’s hot and what’s not. Live from a place of simplicity when it comes to building your wardrobe. Let’s be honest, this is a new mindset and will take some time to get used to, but it’s worth it.

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